Friday, January 04, 2008

beST FILMS of 2007

Let me start by saying that no one film or handful of films completely knocked my socks off this year. That being said, this one did the beST job of balancing art, entertainment, and public service:

Blood Diamond ('06)

Using similar criteria, these films were deemed for one reason or another above average:

A Crude Awakening ('06)
Babel ('06)
La Vie en Rose ('07)
The Passenger ('75)
The Namesake ('06)
Sicko ('07)
Miss Potter ('07)
Come Early Morning ('06)
Volver ('06)
Heading South ('05)
Rabbit Proof Fence ('02)
Neil Young: Heart of Gold ('06)

The same jaded brain determined these films worth mentioning:

U.S . vs. John Lennon ('06)
Children of Men ('06)
Fast Food Nation ('06)
The 11th Hour ('07)
The Number 23 ('07)
American Dreamz ('06)
Life and Debt ('01)
Shut Up and Sing ('06)
Color Me Kubrick ('05)
Little Miss Sunshine ('06)
American Splendor ('03)
Night at the Museum ('06)
No Reservations ('07)


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