Monday, December 31, 2007

Jamaica - part 13

The main reason people go to Negril is for the beach, and a fine beach it was. It also helps if you like reggae music, which is played everywhere, including the beach. There were speakers tastefully built into stones that, on first glance, looked like something out of a Japanese rock garden. And as well versed as I am with reggae, the material I know and love is merely the tip of an enormous iceberg, the size of which may well be unknowable. Nearly all the reggae I heard on the island was new to me, fleeting portions of which were really fabulous.

Our last night at the hotel, which was the last night for many other guests, the buffet dinner was served right on the beach. The staff put a lot of work into setting things up, and the results were pretty impressive. There was a full moon, and the candle lit tables were placed among the trees, only yards from the water. The rum and wine poured freely, and the relaxing dinner was followed by some interesting entertainment: a man running around spitting fire, and a limbo contest for the very drunk and very limber (but not for anyone in between).


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