Friday, December 28, 2007

Jamaica - part 9

After lunch the bus plunged into the countryside us to YS Falls, touted as a less touristic alternative to Dunn's River Falls on the north coast. "YS" stands for Yates & Scott, the owners of the plantation that once operated there. A tractor-driven "jitney" took us through some lush rangeland, where the guides pointed out huge guango trees -- tropical oddities I'd never heard of. Today the falls are a first-rate swimming venue, with a series of stepped pools to choose from. We hiked to the top one, where physically fit Jamaican men told us exactly where to jump in, where to avoid rocks, and then guided us behind the falls. The currents were strong and the rocks slippery, so their help was not merely appreciated but essential. The water was completely refreshing -- fresh and just a little cold.


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