Saturday, January 17, 2009

Old Town Mazatlan

After the hike we were dropped off in the Old Town, where we explored on foot for a few hours. It was a charming place with rough edges. I'm pretty sure it was the real Mexico. These photos play up the charm more than the rough edges. The grand yellow cathedral was one of the town's focal points. The naturalist recommended a restaurant right next to it, which turned out to be one of the most insanely busy restaurants I have ever eaten at. As is my habit, I had nopales con huevos (cactus with eggs).

Afterwards we wandered over to the other town square, which was more secular. Here the focal point was the historic opera house. Otherwise there were hotels, cafes and restaurants. Mazatlan is a well established port that became wealthy in the 19th century from nearby silver mines. It is also the home of Pacifico beer, so we decided to honor that fact at one of the cafes on the square. It is actually one of the better Mexican beers, especially with a lime wedge squeezed into it.


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