Sunday, January 11, 2009

beST FILMS of 2008

In this man's opinion, the beST film of 2008 was:

Into the Wild ('07)

and the rest of the beST were:

The Last King of Scotland ('06)
Across the Universe ('07)

The Kite Runner ('07)
Year of the Dog ('07)
God Grew Tired of Us ('06)

L'Avventura ('60)

and a few more films worth watching are:

There Will Be Blood ('07)
Rescue Dawn ('06)
Jimmy Carter: Man from Plains ('07)
Elizabeth: the Golden Age ('06)

Juno ('07)
About Schmidt ('02)
Mama Mia! ('08)

whereas these films must be punished for excessive violence:

In Bruges ('08)
No Country for Old Men ('07)


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