Sunday, December 23, 2007

Jamaica - part 1

The plane from Atlanta to Montego Bay flew directly over Cuba. Now I can add Cuba to the list interesting places I've seen from a plane (along with Greenland and the Aleutian Islands).

Apparently there are few if any laws restricting alcohol consumption in motor vehicles as that was the first thing that happened to us after stepping out of the airport: the bus driver urged us to get drinks for the ride to Negril. While I'm not a big beer drinker I've always liked Red Stripe.

That bus ride was a strange introduction to the place. While stuck in traffic at the west end of Mo'Bay, I made some observations. This country has the largest Kentucky Fried Chicken outlets I've ever seen -- maybe three times the size of their US counterparts. Later in the trip a local explained that for Jamaicans, KFC stands for "keep from cooking".

Another thing I noticed was an abundance of white Toyota station wagons. Apparently they are the standard vehicle for taxis. It got my attention because this happens to be what I drive. What can I say, they're great cars. It's also another point of commonality between me and the Jamaican people.

Also while stuck in traffic we watched a large bulldozer push soil back and forth in a field. This bulldozer was followed by dozens of white egret-like birds that not only were unafraid of being run over, but presumably were reaping some benefit from the ordeal -- freshly upturned seeds?


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