Sunday, November 11, 2007

Canandian geography

I'm back in the crossword puzzle habit, which is a good thing. They always have obscure, geography-related clues: the capital of Yemen, William Tell's canton, the city north of Calgary. Those would be Sana; Uri, Switzerland; and Red Deer.

Red Deer... Somehow that got me thinking about Canadian geography. Places like Moose Jaw. Moose Jaw! What a name, let alone an object. Canada... so close, so huge, so peculiar. I'm certain I would make a good Canadian. But there's a Canadian consciousness that I've only barely scratched. There's something going on with those HUGE hotels out in the middle of places like Manitoba, Alberta, and Saskatchewan. I picture lots of moose heads, tanned leather, HUGE fireplaces. A tough people, the Mountie mentality.

Over in Quebec, a geologic oddity: a huge, perfectly round lake with a perfectly round island in it. The Manicouagan Reservoir, created by an asteroid. This is amazing! The beauty of it is best seen from space. Why didn't they tell me about this in school?


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