Sunday, October 12, 2008

roadside wonders

Sometimes this stand of mature eucalyptus trees along highway 101 is just a detail, barely worth mentioning. From another perspective, it belongs to the realm of spiritual and impressive things. Eucalyptus -- the tallest flowering plant! Flowering and towering hundreds of feet in the air! Its refreshing, sinus-clearing fragrance wafting over the freeway, through cars. And it is BIG, its bigness seeming to loan the whole valley a bigness and importance that may otherwise be overlooked. As I understand it, the Native Americans had a strong sense of appreciating land features, of exalting the experience of a particular mountain or lake to a spiritual level. This wonderful ability to convert the mundane into the sacred is free and available to everyone. Exercise it freely and share your shrines, your wonders, with your friends!


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