Monday, May 26, 2008

the kingdom of the crystal skull?

In exchange for subjecting L to Cluster, I agreed to go see the new Indiana Jones movie, not something I would otherwise do. It was OK -- when I wasn't offended I was entertained. I'm not surprised that the Russian Communist Party was offended by this film -- I don't recall seeing so many faceless cardboard cutouts of Soviet soldiers, although the Cate Blanchett character sort of worked for me. But at a time when the world is finally warming up to the virtues of socialism, how is it productive to dredge up all this Cold War nonsense? I guess the film is indulging in nostalgia, and in a similar way it dredges up aliens -- which I do miss. After eight years of Bush, who doesn't miss aliens? It seems that in better times, such as the Clinton years, aliens are more in the forefront. The whole Inca-alien connection is beautifully illustrated in the second half of the movie, breathing life into the strange theories we've all heard about -- Chariots of the Gods, etc. But if you do happen to see Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, forget realism. In an appalling trivialization of the effects of nuclear weapons, we see the hero shut himself into a refrigerator at a test site's ground zero. After the fridge flies through the air and bounces on the desert floor a few times, the hero emerges with a few scratches, dusting himself off.


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